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Embracing and understanding the challenges of our emotions for Adults and Teens

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Our ability to learn, understand, and embrace our emotions is very important!  

How we accept all of our emotions, plays a critical part in our mental and physical wellbeing.  How we feel, touches all areas of our relationships; personal, social, at work or school.

Yet while the most natural feeling of aliveness is when we are in touch with and feel our emotions, sometimes we struggle.  Yes, everyone at one time or another, has challenges dealing with all of their emotions.

Ximena Veliz, Author, and International Emotions Coach, traveled the road, like many people, coping with turbulent emotions! 

 “I believe that sometimes, people are not prepared for life”!  Somehow the expectation of it being “perfect or static” like nothing bad should happen, is a hope we hang on to throughout our lives.


That’s not LIFE; life is movement, and movement will bring feelings and emotions.  The fact that many of us can benefit by understanding and accepting the full range of emotions, goes a long way in our personal development.

health, mentor, emotions, psychology


with Ximena Veliz, Emotions Coach/Mentor

health, mentor, emotions, psychology
health, mentor, emotions, psychology

Ximena Veliz – Your Coach and Mentor

I am a survivor and like so many others, have lived through the roller coaster of emotions that affected my life, family, work, and friends.  As an author, “My Naked Truth, Surviving Depression, and Bulimia”, an Internationally Certified Coach, Mentor, and Co-Owner of Life Motivations Wellness Center in Geneva Switzerland, I have grown from the experience and can guide you to a better place in all areas of your life.

How do we start?



We will explore the full range of your emotions, and the impacts they have on your life.  By taking a look at all of what you feel, will help give us perspective.  No judgment here, just an honest look.



I will help guide you; why do I feel and experience the emotions I feel?  Where do those feelings come from?  How do they impact my life and those around me?



To learn that all emotions are good, is the first step towards peace, balance, and harmony.  Learning to find strength and guidance from our emotions, using what we feel to positively affect our lives and those around us!



Everyone is different, and we experience emotions in different ways, the goal is to embrace them.  We will work together to connect you with resources, both internal and external, that will give you the ongoing tools to reach your peace, balance, and harmony.


I once needed a helping hand, at a moment in my life when it mattered most and found it!  I can now be that helping hand for you.


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