Time Out

Physically Social distancing and Real Social connecting! 

We are practicing physical social distancing and real social connection. The world is going through major changes, want it or not this is a reality for all of us. We are all in this together and perhaps this is an opportunity for all of us to unite. This will be my attitude during this period in time. Join me? 


I want to use my space to unite and help others feel better, if you can help please jump right in.  If you have a resource to offer and want to share with others, let’s unite and share what we can to help each other!

You are unique! 

You are a soul having a human experience!

You are perfect!

Remember that amazing feeling of being home!
Remember that wonderful feeling of knowing exactly what to do!
Remember your confidence!

Trust yourself!

Heart communication - Heart connection – Heart knowledge

The heart knows so much more than the brain does. This is why I love Coaching from the Heart.

Coaching from the Heart is for those who know there’s more to it than what they think they know! 

Does the brain feel an emotion? 
No, it does not! 

The heart communicates in the most beautiful and harmonious way, it can hear and feel our vibrations, it welcomes our every emotion and it helps us heal our pains and wounds.

You don’t have to understand the process of Heart-based Coaching, you will feel it!

Find your identity, your place in the world, and feel comfortable and at ease no matter

where you are and no matter who’s around you. Own your identity as a Human Citizen.

Some of the most common problems my clients came to see me with:

  • I can’t seem to find the right partner – can’t find my soulmate – continue to attract the wrong people – this relationship is killing me – I feel so lonely

  • I can’t keep my weight down – I can’t lose weight – I can never look the way I want to look – I can’t stand looking at myself in the mirror

  • I am not valued at work – I can’t find a job that I am passionate about – I don’t know what I should be doing

  • I feel stuck – I’ve made so many wrong decisions, I can’t decide anymore – I don’t trust my judgment – I’m feeling down


And so much more… I want you to know that you are not alone. I had those thoughts, I lived through them and I am here now to help you cross that bridge.


You have everything inside of yourself to be happy and successful, we all do! 


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