What's Your Story?

  • You can't make decisions?

  • You don't have the courage?

  • You're not good enough?

  • You're not liked by others?

  • You're different and strange?

  • You're invisible to others?

Re-Write Your Story

  • I want to challenge you to create a new narrative.

  • What if you are not the story you've been telling yourself?

  • Let's bring some color into your life!

Everything I do has a clear intention and everything aligns with my core values.


I am a Transformational Coach 
Heart Coaching is about helping you from a heart-based energy grow into the incredible human being that you could ever imagine. It’s all about you, giving you everything I have in my toolbox and my experience, translating emotions so that you can experience living versus surviving. 


I am a workshop leader and guide

Re-Writing Your Story is about empowering you to take that new challenge, to make the changes you want to make, to let go of the old limiting story and energy. It’s about you and what you are capable of if only you could see that there’s nothing wrong with you but only in the way you tell your story. 


I am inspired to volunteer 

HeartsGoViral is an effort I created with other volunteers' help to keep people connected to others and never to feel the horrible feeling of being alone in the world. Too many people want to volunteer their time to help others, and we are creating a community where anyone can come and connect to a caring heart.

I am inspired to help bring peace to the world
Million Peacemakers is a nonprofit I am part of where we teach Nonflict, the art of everyday peacemaking. Teaching people how to handle conflict, how to see it as an opportunity and embrace it with the intention of co-create. 


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Los Angeles, CA, USA

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