What my Clients are Saying



I have been working with Ximena as my life coach since I was pregnant with our second child, over four years now. It has been a tremendously positive influence in my life. My sessions with Ximena have allowed me to put life in perspective and prioritize my personal and professional goals. Every day, I strive to be my best self, and by working with Ximena, I have learned to accept myself with all my weaknesses and strengths. By doing so, I have developed much more meaningful relationships with myself and my loved ones. Ximena's encouraging support, honest approach, and excellent feedback always makesme look forward to our next session, even when the subject matter is difficult. Working on one's mental well-being is a lifelong commitment, but approaching Ximena all these years ago has been one of the best decisions I made.


V.D. / Geneva - Switzerland. Holland




I came to use this service in conjunction with a job search run by a recruiting firm in Southern California. For someone willing to challenge themselves and really dig into their thoughts and desires, this is an excellent service. It was a remarkably positive experience.

The greatest benefit was its impact on my personal life, which translates to a much more positive job search. The process allowed me to best understand what I wanted out of the job search process and tightened my scope of potential positions [...]

I often commented how each session could be likened to a therapy session. While it is most certainly different, a willingness to honestly challenge your lifestyle, professional goals and personal fears will provide clarity. You will realize things about yourself and your wants in life with a focus on how to positively change your future course.


J.H Los Angeles, CA




Descubrí à Ximena hace casi 4 años, les debo decir que cada vez que voy a tener una sesión con ella me emociono (je me réjouis!), por que sé que si estoy en un momento de duda, mi sesión con ella me traerá claridad para encontrar la respuesta, por que sé que si estoy en un momento mega negativo ella sera super solida en su alineamiento, podré agarrarme de ello para salir de hoyo, por que si estoy en un momento positivo ella se va emocionar también y lo vamos a expandir, por que trabajar con ella me ha ayudado apreciarme como soy y a ir cambiando las áreas de mi vida en las que deseo mejorar. Por que trabajar con Ximena es super divertido y genial.

Empezamos trabajando cara a cara y ahora trabajamos pantalla a pantalla, y eso no ha interferido en la calidad de nuestras sesiones. Incluso en mis momentos « intensos » ella ha estado presente de una u otra forma, aun estando ella del otro lado del mundo.  Su background multicultural y el poder hablar con ella en español, francés o inglés, le permite el comprenderte fácilmente.

Lo que me gusta de trabajar con Ximena es que siento que ella realmente le interesa ser parte de mi evolución de ver mi « florecimiento » como persona y eso muy agradable, por que me motiva al mismo tiempo para avanzar en la realización de mi sueños, es decir siento que es un trabajo es mutuo. 

Aprovecho para darte las gracias Ximena Feliz!

C.R. / Lausanne - Suiza. Mexico




I was searching for a coach. A coach who would challenge me and ask me the right questions in a situation where I felt stuck, stuck for way too long time. A coach I could immediately feel connected to. A coach I would instantly trust. A coach I would completely open up to. A coach who makes me be totally honest towards myself. A coach with a wonderful heart and a smart brain. A coach who makes me look into the mirror – to see out of a sudden clearly where there had been too much fog for too many years. And even surprisingly: A coach who makes me see a beautiful, gifted and strong human being in the mirror.
Ximena is such a coach. She is just wonderful. She has shown me how to connect with my inner self and how to shine. I will never forget my second or third session with her. Out of a sudden everything was so clear. And the answer had been in front of me all the time. But without her – I would still look into a steamy mirror.
Thank you, Ximena.


Carolin A. / Geneva - Switzerland. Germany. Kenya




Meeting Ximena 3 years ago have changed my life for better in so many ways. Ximena is inspiring, kind, super smart an a wonderful guide; she creates happiness and positive energy around those who work with her.

We started our sessions face to face and then changed to skype due to my relocation, and that didn’t diminish our conversations, still our sessions fly by too fast and each time I learn something that helps to “grow”. During our sessions there is non-judgment, only a genuine interest and clarity that helps me to figure out this life with greater joy.

Ximena has helped me to know myself better, to recognized what I can modified to be more happy and be free, but also to recognized and embrace the things that make me special and unique. Now I have a more positive approach to life, and it is easy to stay focus on the present, aware that I have the power to attract what I want.

Life is not perfect, but now is much more easy to overcome complicated situations cause I’m more self-aware, and keeping on my path to become a better version of myself.


Brenda E. / Lausanne. - Switzerland. Mexico. Amsterdam





I was a little lost and unsure of whom I was. I had frequent negative thoughts. Ximena has shown me how to live a happy and healthy life and now my positive outlook on things has helped me worry less and find good in even the smallest things. She has been my biggest supporter and has given me invaluable tools to help me through life’s ups and downs.


Amy Guidotti / UK. Geneva - Switzerland




Ximena is a joy to know and work with. As a coach, she not only shares her knowledge but she brings enthusiasm, passion and a sense of humor as well. Ximena helped me regain focus in several areas of my life by showing me how to quiet the EGO mind. She has an amazing talent for inspiring others (including myself) to attain their goals and live a more joyful and spiritual life. Thanks to our work together I was able to achieve my life long dream of starting my own business.


Kim Vincent / Geneva - Switzerland. Miami, Florida "Zenfully Spaced"





Cuando conocí Ximena estaba pasando por un momento dificil, era una persona insegura en todos los aspectos de mi vida. Cita a cita sentia el crecimiento y el cambio en mi, logrando que sea más segura tanto en mi vida personal como en la profesional. El positivismo se volvió mi línea de vida ya que aprendí que pensamientos positivos atraen cosas positivas. En fin soy una mejor persona gracias a ti Ximena y eso no tiene precio.


Melissa R / Panama. Lausanne - Suiza. Portugal





I have known Ximena for over 3 years now and my experience with her has been totally no nonsense straight good decision making. Ximena has the unique ability to quickly connect and listen carefully. She is passionate about supporting people in their journey. Ximena is so many dimensions of depth, intuition, humor, sincerity, kindness and strength, and has become such a brilliant coach for me on my path. She has coached me around my dating life, career path, and opening my intuition, she definitely changed my life. I felt that automatic connection with her, where I knew she would guide me to become a better person. She has been my mentor, business advisor and, also, a friend. She has created awareness in my life that things can change for the best. Also I discovered many things that I was not aware. These discoveries and the awareness of them have already brought much added value to my life and how I choose to move forward. Her wisdom, values and experience are hard to find, and I couldn’t recommend her enough.


Carla Gonzalez / Lausanne - Switzerland. Panama. St. Louis, Missouri



La première fois que j’ai rencontré Ximena, l’acceptation, l’amour, la confiance en soi et la joie m’étaient complètement étrangers.  En quatre ans de travail, tout a changé : j’ai compris et appris une quantité de chose que je n’aurais jamais imaginé découvrir un jour et la vision que j’avais de ma propre personnalité s’est complètement transformée ! 

Avec l’optimisme et la douceur de Ximena, même les épreuves les plus difficiles deviennent surmontables. La force et l’influence positive qu’elle transmet naturellement, nous transporte dès la première séance sur un nuage d’espoir lumineux et salvateur! 

Afin d’atteindre complètement et de manière durable les objectifs qu’on se fixe, il est indispensable d’apporter avec soi de la volonté et de l’investissement personnel!

Il faut toujours croire et écouter les conseils de Ximena, même quand cela paraît impossible, car au bout du chemin la récompense est grande et elle en vaut vraiment la peine! 


Cécile F. / Vaud – Suisse. Italie





I was very lucky to have been trained in Reiki by Ximena. This took place in a small group in Geneva, over a period of several years, up to the Master level. I loved the fact that she was able to combine effectiveness and accuracy in teaching, together with open-mindedness. We all felt appreciated and cared for. We were able to absorb the essential elements of what was important as a Reiki practitioner, as well as the pitfalls to avoid. She also introduced variety and some humour in our classes that added to the joy of our training. Such a combination in a group leader is rare. From the start she impressed me as one of the kindest and wisest people I know, being both competent and unassuming.  Since the training she organised practice sessions for us and the more contact I have had with her, the more I am impressed by her experience, wisdom and genuinely caring personality. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone fortunate enough to receive counselling or training with her.


Louise Doswald-Beck / Geneva - Switzerland. Greece



“I felt different from others and I always thought they looked at me as “strange” someone that did not fit in with the rest. Ximena helped me completely destroy that image and that feeling of inadequacy I always had. Life is no longer difficult or dependent on others.I feel free to be me, and I not only kept my job but was offered a more suited position! ”

Tara, Chile

“I was transplanted from Pakistan to the UK as a child. I never felt home there, and I never felt home in England. I moved to France where I don’t feel home either. I met Ximena through a friend who said, “she’ll get you”. My friend was right, she did get me and has helped me transform my pain of not belonging into something so much greater and powerful! Next move Singapore!”

— Rani, France