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An experiential learning workshop structured for your teachers and students to use the tools to transform conflict from destructive to constructive. This method is very well structured, incredibly simple, yet very effective. Here's what we will do:

  • Examine the types and sources of conflict within the school environment

  • Explore conflict resolution styles

  • Observe conflict resolution in action in small group simulations and scenarios

  • Practice the art of building understanding through eye contact, active listening, reflection and empathy

  • Develop a deeper bond with classmates who participate in this intensive experience

  • Discover new levels of trust in a group environment

  • Learn how to apply conflict resolution techniques and end the day with a greater ability to be a peacemaker in every aspect of life including outside the school environment

Case Study


School in Los Angeles, CA


An example of a successful workshop was having had the pleasure to teach Nonflict to a fabulous group of young high school students in Los Angeles, CA. Typically not all students know each other well, therefore an important step in this process is to pair them to work with someone different each time, giving them an opportunity to learn a bit more about each other during the exercises and to practice their newly acquired skills.


Going around listening and helping with the exercises, it is amazing to see them opening up as the students are finally able to share how they are feeling. When the time came to share their experience of the workshop with everyone, their comments were very touching;


“I had the realization for the first time in my life, that I have never really been heard until this exercise and I just couldn’t stop crying” – “I just realized what it meant to really listen and the impact that it had on the other person, it was huge” -  “I want to teach this to my parents, will it work?”

These students are very proud to have become Peacemakers and they have since taken their roles as such very seriously.

Stage 1 - Full Workshop

This is a 4 hour interactive workshop to be trained in the Nonflict method of conflict resolution. (It can be split accordingly depending on the age of the students)


  • Provide students with tools to transform conflict from destructive to constructive; leading to resolution, growth, integration, self-awareness and empowerment to deal with conflicting situations not only in school but also outside

  • Encourage students to better understand conflict resolution styles, both theirs and those of other people

  • Teach students the Nonflict way and how it can be applied immediately to their real-life examples of current conflict

  • Provide students with a mentor program, whereby the coaches or trained teachers check-in regularly to monitor the progress of attendees in pursuing conflict resolution strategies


Following that, all attendees have the option to work through an existing conflict in an afternoon session or separate session.

Stage 2 - Nonflict CheckIn

Once we have taught the Nonflict method, we conduct a series of regular conflict resolution check ins, to ensure the commitments made in the workshop are being followed and further conflicts are being effectively managed.  


These can be tailored to meet the needs of the respective attendees, but can include:


  • Check in with the conflicting parties

  • Check in with the teachers that conflicts have been resolved and there are no further issues

  • The timing of these check-ins depend on the needs of the school, teachers and students

Stage 3 - Private Nonflict Training and Conflict Resolution

  • This session will directly help to deal with a conflict among two or more students or teachers.

Stage 4 - One on One Nonflict Coaching

  • This is great for a student or a teacher dealing with an internal conflict, or conflict with one particular individual that can not be in the room.

Stage 5 - Creating a Nonflict Culture

This is for schools that are ready to adopt The Nonflict Way as their conflict resolution tool.


  • Provide teachers with Nonflict training to keep the Nonflict culture active in the school

  • Encourage teachers to do an update hour once a month or every 2 months

  • Train the teachers who will be designated at the school to assist students who face internal conflicts, personal conflicts or conflicts with others at school

  • Teachers will have access to a certified Nonflict coach for any support they may need

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