My first blog post EVER!

I've been Coaching from the Heart ❤️ for more than 20 years. I love what I do and can humbly say that I'm good at it. But I can also say that I'm not good at writing, in fact I'm a mess at it, so a blog - really? Oh boy!

What would me coach say to that?

Who cares if you are a good writer, stop hiding from the world and share if you want to share your Heart with others, go for it!

My blogs will always be about empowering others, you! I want to help you feel connected to others for no reason other than because you are an amazing human with a caring heart. I know how it feels to have so much care in you and not have the avenue to channel this amazing energy. I hope from my heart to yours that I can light some light on your path and that you can shine your light onto others right here!


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