We need structure to Work from HOME!

Updated: Mar 18

I first started to work from home when I arrived in Los Angeles. I no longer had my beautiful wellness center with my dear friends waiting to share short little moment in between clients. I could no longer receive my clients with a cup of herb tea in my beautifully scented office. I left that behind in Geneva and boy did I miss it.

But Los Angeles welcomed me with sunshine and even though I did not leave the house to go to work, I opened a window and the sun was shining. I will be honest, I did have some nostalgia and missed my office but I had to adapt to this new life and did.

This is how I began to adapt to my new work from home life.

1. As I work with Europe and they start their day 9 hour ahead, I wake up earlier to have more ours available for my clients there. I'm not a morning person so you can imagine.

2. I kept my routine of 5 minute meditation and connection before I get out of bed.

3. It took me a while to start my gratitude journal where I connect to the feeling of appreciation for at least 5 things. This one has the most amazing impact in terms of boosting my energy and my mood.

4. I keep my routine of taking a shower, get dressed and put on my makeup as if I was going to see my clients in person. I can tell you the times I don't do this for whatever reason, my energy is not the same, I don't feel prepared and I feel like it's Sunday and don't feel much like working...

5. During the day I schedule as many breaks for myself as I possibly can. One big break to prepare and eat my lunch, one for exercise this varies between yoga, dance or walk, and often after talking to one of my clients, I just sit and breathe and feel the gratitude for their trust as I raise my eyes to an open space, I have to look away from my screen or my desk, I get up and look out window. All my breaks are scheduled around my client calls and are adapted each day, this calms my system and keeps me energized!

In my opinion, structure and routine is necessary to work from home, to be productive and feel enthusiastic about working. Specially when you have children staying home, they definitely need to know what the rules are while we work from home, remember children want to help, we need to give them the structure!


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