How Can I Help? ❤️

With all the uncertainty surrounding us, I wonder how, how I can help those most affected by #FEAR. How can I help those people reduce the fear factor or at least deal with it better?

Yes, there will be fear, it is almost inevitable, but we do NOT want to live in fear 24/7. We must give our bodies a rest from this energy-sucking state. Remember that fear triggers our fight or flight response, where our bodies utilize all it's resources to deal with the potential danger.

Imagine living in constant fear or anxiety about the present situation? The body will be depleted of its resources, now that we most need our bodies to raise our #immunesystem!

NO, we can not allow fear to take over our thoughts; this is NOT the time to let our defenses go down.

What you can do to minimize going into FEAR mode

  • Minimize the news you watch. It is essential to stay updated with the situation, but let's be honest, hearing it once is enough to be updated.

  • Decide to remain healthy in your mind. Keep an eye on the negativity and do not give it any food, let it starve and disappear. 

  • #Empower yourself and others. When others dump their fears on you, shake them off immediately, and give them something beautiful to direct their focus. 

  • #Go inside yourself. Fear is outer created, yes much is going on outside, and that is precisely the reason you must disconnect from it and go within. Look at what happens when you go inside. You find calm and peace.

  • #Sitstill for a short period, breathe in and out while you count five sets. Yes, that's all it takes to see how it feels to go inside.  Do it every time you feel tense.

  • Move your body. Turn on the happy music and start moving! Stretch and allow your body to breathe and recharge!

There's no limit to the creativity we can tap into for staying healthy. Please focus on it, and if you can't, reach out because we are here to help you!

How can I #help?

Stay home and stay healthy!


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