... As the world changes like it never did before in the history of our humanity, we have received an opportunity to remember who we are. Still, we cannot take advantage of this opportunity when we are focusing on the negative. First things first, take a minute to decide that you will let go of the negative that's coming from the outside, ok now keep on reading, and connect back to your unique self! If you forgot who you are, let me remind you; you are love, and you are perfect! Now imagine your life if you connect with this fact. The most significant change is that you no longer try to fix you; yes, that's what I said as you are continually striving to fix something that is not broken.

You were born perfect, and you are still perfect! You are unique, and nobody on this entire earth is like you. You are the only one, and when you smile at the acceptance of being perfect, I can assure you that you want to reconnect to you and get some amazing insight. When you reconnect, you rediscover everything you need to know about how to be you. But for you to reconnect, you must accept that YOU ARE PERFECT. There's no connecting to self when you have self-judgment or criticism at the same time; they can not co-exist you see because you are love, and there is no judgment or criticism when there is love. How about you decide to accept that you are love and perfect, go back to when you were born, you had done nothing wrong to be judged or criticized. Reconnect to that little you that the older you cannot criticize. Allow the feeling of peace to come in, breathe from this place.


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