Transforming Conflict into Nonflict

The moment I heard the name “Nonflict” it immediately got my full attention.  The fact that we can help people work through conflict in a constructive and easy manner was what attracted me the most. The next day I started to read the book and was amazed by the simplicity yet effectiveness of the method. Shortly thereafter I attended a workshop, and that’s when I experienced the Nonflict Way! Needless to say, I immediately began using in my own life and with some of my clients.


I am now very grateful to be a Certified Nonflict Coach bringing this wonderful tool to many.

Million Peacemakers is a Non-profit founded by Stephen Hecht, Dr. Amir Kfir, and Frederic Latreille. Co-creating a culture of peace in the world by empowering people to transform conflict into Nonflict

In May 2012, Stephen Hecht as Education Chair for YPO Gold Canada and corporate transformation expert, Dr. Amir Kfir led a YPO event called The Art of Peace in which they trained 700 CEOs, their spouses, and young adult children in Nonflict.  It received a record 6 ‘Best of Best” international awards for Leadership Development.  Stephen and Amir then replicated this event worldwide, training hundreds of CEOs in the U.S., India, Tanzania, Dubai, Israel, etc. In August 2014 Stephen, Amir, and Frederic Latreille co-founded Million Peacemakers. 

Peacemakers to date

There are currently over 140,000 peacemakers trained in Nonflict worldwide.

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Please contact me if you wish to know more about training your teams, giving training in your schools, special groups trainings and also the possibilities to become a "Nonflict" Coach.