My Naked Truth


Surviving Depression and Bulimia

In one of the most personal of testaments, author Ximena Véliz reveals a long-suppressed secret, one buried in years in silence and hopelessness. After spinning through a funnel cloud of bulimia, depression and self-loathing that twisted her life and swept away her only child, Ximena rose to rebuild everything from the inside out. Along her journey, she discovered how important small, seemingly insignificant episodes had damaged her. This is a success story, and Ximena illustrates by her own experiences how to heal and find happiness.
Writing from the heart, Ximena opens up with her most intimate struggles. She chronicles the years of daily and nightly battles she faced until she found peace. In the book, Ximena encourages those who find themselves facing their own hurdles with a simple message, “The only thing I will not stop repeating over and over again is, don’t give up. Keep going, keep on fighting. You’re worth every effort. You deserve it and somehow you know it.”

When I lost my identity, I lost everything

I made a promise that if I came out of the dark I would write my story without filters or editing. My book came out in 2003.