In May 2012, Stephen Hecht as Education Chair for YPO Gold Canada and corporate transformation expert, Dr. Amir Kfir led a YPO event called The Art of Peace in which they trained 700 CEOs, their spouses, and young adult children in Nonflict.  It received a record 6 ‘Best of Best” international awards for Leadership Development.  Stephen and Amir then replicated this event worldwide, training hundreds of CEOs in the U.S., India, Tanzania, Dubai, Israel, etc. In August 2014 Stephen, Amir, and Frederic Latreille co-founded Million Peacemakers. 

Dr. Amir Kfir

Stephen Hecht

Nonflict is a unique and impactful method for resolving conflict developed by Stephen Hecht and Dr. Amir Kfir. 


This simple and successful global program provides a structured approach to conflict resolution that encourages people in conflict to better understand themselves, one another and their differing perspectives.

It gives insight into and provides the skills to practice active listening and develop empathy among those who are in conflict. This in turn leads to greater trust between the warring parties, creating a safe space for reasoned discussion and laying the foundations for a resolution.  Together they identify their ideal shared reality, taking active steps to co-create that reality, thereby resolving conflict at limited cost to both parties.  ​

Since launching just 4 years ago, over 145,000 people across 23 countries have been trained in Nonflict. Million Peacemakers has received awards from the YMCA and from YPO. The Nonflict way has been taught at renowned universities and business schools worldwide. We are committed to empowering youth, families, and businesses to transform conflict into Nonflict. Every conflict is an opportunity for greater understanding.  From greater understanding, we can achieve peace — peace with ourselves, peace with others, and peace within our communities.


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