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"What is the meaning of CONFLICT - Two (or more) different perspectives in contact with each other. Neither positive nor negative, neither good nor bad. Nonflict shows us how conflict can be an opportunity to work together and co-create a future of greater peace! "

Conflict Costs in Business

An international study commissioned by CPP found that:

  • 85% of employees deal with conflict at work.

  • 25% of employees admit to calling in sick or leaving early to avoid conflict at work.

  • Employees spend an average of 2.8 hours a week in conflict costing $359 Billion in lost productivity in the U.S. alone, which is 7% of your payroll. 

  • Unresolved conflict at home directly affects employee’s productivity at work.​


The costs above do not include the money lost due to poor conflict resolution skills with external parties and relationships. In today’s global marketplace, diversity in background and cultures, without inclusion, creates conflict due to differing work and communication styles.

Impact of Conflict in Schools


Bullying (National Center for Educational Statistics, 2016):

  • More than one out of every five (20.8%) students report being bullied.

  • 33% of students who reported being bullied at school indicated that they were bullied at least once or twice a month during the school year.

  • The reasons for being bullied most often reported by students include physical appearance, race/ethnicity, gender, disability, religion, sexual orientation.

  • Bullied students indicate that bullying has a negative effect on how they feel about themselves (19%), their relationships with friends and family, their school work (14%), and their physical health (9%).

Nonflict® Benefits

By actively engaging in Nonflict practices both at the workplace, home and in school environments have reduced conflict and reaped the benefits of a stronger, more communicative, and understanding space where diversity has room to thrive and create positive results.


  • Trust between and with management and employees, students and teachers.

  • Significant increase in “active listening”.

  • Safe space to engage and eliminate negative behavior.

  • Freedom of clarity and straightforward conversations.

  • Empathy and respect (vs. tolerance).


  • Maximized effectiveness of discussions and contributions in meetings and in the classroom. Minimized politics, playing games (not video!).

  • Deeper trusting relationships, knowing from where your colleagues ‘are coming’.

  • Creative thinking producing new ideas, easier resolution of issues, forward and timely movement on opportunities.

  • Zero tolerance on prejudice, negative attitudes and behavior, meaning pride in the school, business and colleagues.

  • In conclusion of all, and the diverse perspectives, knowledge, experiences and opinions.


  • Happier humans. Research is clear - Community and Purpose are the critical variables to sustainable peace of mind and happiness.

  • Reputation earned as the preferred place to work or study.

  • Positive momentum and impact on Talent Acquisition, Development and Performance, and Retention, especially of the “right fit”, sought after top talent.

  • True inclusion of diversity of cultural backgrounds, mindsets and skillsets, gender, race, languages and experiences.

  • Best cared for and experiences with clients and customers, vendors and suppliers, strategic partners, investors and all stakeholders.


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