What's Your Story?

  • You can't make decisions?

  • You don't have the courage?

  • You're not good enough?

  • You're not liked by others?

  • You're different and strange?

  • You're invisible to others?

Re-Write Your Story

  • I want to challenge you to create a new narrative.

  • What if you are not the story you've been telling yourself?

  • Let's bring some color into your life!

One on One Private Sessions 

Together, we will find the parts of the story that do not belong to you. Through various exercises you will release the energy connected to the story and we will be continuously re-writing your new story. We will focus on the parts of your life that you wish to change, relationships, career, finances, health, etc. 


8 Hour Online Course – 4 Sessions 

What’s Your Story?

  • You will understand how the story you tell is affecting your life.

  • You will find the parts of your story that are keeping you from living a fulfilling life.


That’s Not Your Story!

  • You will understand why and how the story was created the way it was.

  • You will disconnect from that story and begin the process of releasing the limiting parts of that story.


Release the Energy Connected to The Story.

  • You will make a conscious decision to no longer be identified by that story.

  • You will release the energy connected to the story. 


Re-Write Your Story!

  • You will feel empowered to tell the story from its real source, YOU!

  • You will connect the empowering energy to your real story!

You know it's time to re-write the story when you feel stuck

and can't make a move yet, you know you must! 

Everyone has millions of stories to tell. Everyone's reenacting old stories, and they are not always empowering ones but limiting ones. 

I consider the re-writing of stories a liberating and freeing process that we all should do as it is our right! 


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