The Art of Every Day Peacemaking

On-Site Workshop

What We Offer

Nonflict Workshop

An experiential learning workshop that can be structured for your facilitators to use the tools to transform conflict from destructive to constructive; leading to resolution, growth and better decision making. Here’s what you can expect:


Examine types and sources of conflict 

Explore conflict resolution styles 

See conflict resolution in action in small-group simulations and scenarios 

Practice the art of building understanding through eye contact, active listening, reflection and empathy

Learn how to apply conflict resolution techniques in daily life

Develop a deeper bond with colleagues who participate in this intensive experience 

Find new levels of trust in a Forum environment of confidentiality

End the day with a greater ability to be a peacemaker in every aspect of life

Nonflict Check In

A 1 hour session to all those who feel the need do dive deeper

Nonflict Refresher

A 2 hour workshop for people that have already attended a full workshop

One on One Coaching

Great for anyone dealing with internal conflict, or conflict with one particular individaul that can not be in the room

Private Nonflict Training and Conflict Resolution

This will help groups or teams that are dealing with conflict


Companies are including The Nonflict Workshop to their Onboarding Process  

For more information about training your teams, giving training in your schools,

special groups trainings, or the possibilities to join our fabulous team of "Nonflict" Coaches. 



Who We Are

Million Peacemakers is a non-profit organization based in Montreal, Canada which seeks to train a million people worldwide in its simple and powerful conflict resolution model: Nonflict

Mission: Empower people to transform conflict into Nonflict            

Vision: A million Peacemakers co-creating a culture of peace in the world 

There are currently over 145,000 Peacemakers trained in Nonflict worldwide: 

India: Sakal Media, one of India’s largest media groups, has already trained over 110,000 women in their Tanishka Forums and 24,980 college students in their Young Inspirators Network and now translated Nonflict in Marathi

Mexico, Latin America, USA: Salinas Media Group is training youth from troubled homes in Sport is Your Gang (1,500 trained to date) in Mexico and spreading across Latin America and Los Angeles, California. They also started Tanishka women’s groups in Mexico

Canada and Middle East: At McGill University’s ICAN MSW Fellowship, a program which brings together community builders from Israel, Jordan, Syria, and Palestine, 12 Fellows have been trained and are currently sharing Nonflict with their communities in the Middle East. We have also trained First Nations high school students, parents and community leaders in British Columbia, Canada 

Spain: Danone Waters Spain brought in the Nonflict way in training management with the goal of transforming diversity into an asset. They found it so successful they asked to translate the book into Spanish to share throughout the organization. Penguin Random House will be publishing the Spanish edition as well in June 2017