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HeartsGoViral is a global community that matches individuals who need to have a friend to talk to during COVID-19, this period of isolation and instability with a volunteer listener. Most people have been affected somehow during this pandemic and can benefit significantly from a conversation with another human being. 

While today you might feel like a volunteer, tomorrow, you might need to have a volunteer supporting you. HeartsGoViral embraces that as humans, we are constantly moving through good and bad moments. 

Volunteers are asked to commit to 30 minutes a week, via a zoom call. We have regular informative zoom calls in English and Spanish to talk about how it all works.  Please email us if you're interested in speaking with us.

Brief Story - How it Began

Mid-April 2020, the word “uncertainty” was tormenting me. I kept thinking about everyone who was suffering, not just from the virus, but from all of the change it brought with it. 


I started to question my role in this pandemic. I thought about how people interact on a surface level. The common: “How are you? I’m fine!” would not suffice anymore, so how could I help bring change? I realized that I could help by simply being a friend. I realized that we need to go beyond the surface and communicate on a personal level, on a heart level, so that the next time someone asks, “How are you?” you can respond from your heart. And since so many people are not doing fine, I realized that I could create a global movement to help implement this change.


My partner and friend Carla Gonzalez and I started Hearts Go Viral to help people feel less alone. We wanted to bring those who feel confident enough in this uncertainty together with those who are struggling. We may not be able to solve their problems, but we can provide one of the greatest joys of humankind: being a friend. As I have personally experienced, there is something magical that happens when two friends get together and talk about what is really going on. It is a kind of cathartic healing that can make all this uncertainty a little more bearable.


We Communicate Heart to Heart

Statement of Beliefs:


✩ We believe that everyone has the innate capability to help another human through loving, caring, and nurturing communication.

✩ We believe that loving and nurturing each other is the most powerful force that can change the world.

✩ We believe that by helping one another, we are helping ourselves.

✩ We believe that protecting emotional health is essential right now and is the responsibility and privilege of all humans. 

✩ We believe in providing social support rather than therapeutic support as a means of nourishing the emotional self.

✩ We believe in raising people to their full potential through a friendship based on compassion.

✩ We believe that human companionship is innate; that by connecting friend to friend, we are returning to the essence of what it means to be human.

✩ We believe that through this initiative, we are helping others to change their narrative.

✩ We believe in intervening early in a person’s struggle before they get to a place where they feel helpless and isolated.

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