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An experiential learning workshop structured for your facilitators to use the tools to transform conflict from destructive to constructive; leading to resolution, growth and better decision making.  Here's what we will do:

  • Examine types and sources of conflict

  • Explore conflict resolution styles

  • See conflict resolution in action in small group simulations and scenarios

  • Practice the art of building understanding through eye contact, active listening, reflection and empathy

  • Learn how to apply conflict resolution techniques in daily life

  • Develop a deeper bond with colleagues who participate in this intensive experience

  • Find new levels of trust in a Forum environment of confidentiality

  • End the day with a greater ability to be a peacemaker in every aspect of life

Case Study


Improved Collaboration and Trust at Global Executive Search Firm

We worked with a leading global Executive Search firm to assist them with conflict arising from their unique and highly successful corporate structure.

This network of independently owned firms under one partnership umbrella fostered an entrepreneurial culture. However, the structure also encouraged competition, soloed thinking, lack of collaboration and as a result, conflict. 

To resolve this, we held a Nonflict workshop with 30 principals of the firm, drawn from numerous offices. During this we helped the participants deal with conflicts in their lives and share these conflicts among colleagues. This shared reality fostered better understanding and built greater trust, cooperation and camaraderie among the participants and colleagues.

As a result of Nonflict, the participants knew that they were stronger together, were more trusting and learned to share work, best practice and contacts with one another.


I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to engage with leaders of countries, from small businesses to Fortune 500 corps to nonprofits, and within family offices. The experiences I have had which were most impactful were seeing leaders who provided a culture of trust, and safe space to engage over conflict, with a process encouraging the benefits to everyone of actually having conflict to create a discussion for resolution and wise, timely decisions.

I have seen the Nonflict process impact people to know and feel they’ve been heard, by others who actually listen (rather than sort of listen, waiting for the pause to get their stuff said). The result Is that conflict is not evil, rather needed different ideas and perspectives, to be respected and not always agreed upon. Our most ‘successful’ clients have found that the result is empathy, trust and embracing diversity and inclusion as a clear benefit. We recommend it to our clients for their onboarding and training programs, differentiating them as Leaders Who Care® about offering a process of resolving conflict, which shows up in their talent acquisition, development and retention.

I highly recommend Ximena Veliz, who offers the global experiences working with people in all types of organizations, scenarios and multicultural, language, and perspectives. She offers expertise in understanding how their whole lives are influenced and impacted by their ability to resolve conflict, and how using the Nonflict way in their daily lives, really can create significant wellbeing and opportunity.

Mark Sadovnick

Chief Human Element Officer  

5th Element Group PBC

Stage 1 - Full Workshop

This is a 4 hour interactive workshop for your teams to be trained in the Nonflict method of conflict resolution.


  • Provide participants with tools to transform conflict from destructive to constructive; leading to resolution, growth and better decision making

  • Encourage participants to better understand conflict resolution styles, both theirs and those of other people

  • Teach attendees the Nonflict way and how it can be applied immediately to their real-life examples of current conflict

  • Provide participants with a mentor program, whereby the coaches check-in regularly to ensure accountability of attendees in pursuing conflict resolution strategies


Following that, attendees have the option to work through an existing conflict in an afternoon session.

Stage 3 - Private Nonflict Training and Conflict Resolution

Stage 4 - One on One Nonflict Coaching

Stage 5 - Onboarding

  • This will help groups or teams that are directly dealing with conflict.

  • This is great for anyone dealing with internal conflict, or conflict with one particular individual that can not be in the room.

  • More and more companies are including The Nonflict workshop to their Onboarding Process.

Stage 2 - Nonflict CheckIn

Once we have taught the Nonflict method, we conduct a series of regular conflict resolution check ins, to ensure the commitments made in the workshop are being adhered to and further conflicts are being effectively managed. 


These can be tailored to meet the needs of the respective parties, but can include:


  • Check in with the warring parties

  • Check in with the management that the conflict has been resolved and there are no further issues

  • The timing of these depend on the needs of the management and executive team.

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