The best thing that ever happened to me

I'm an International

Transformational Coach

My childhood was spent between Chile and the US, going back and forth between my parents and other family members as they changed cities and pursued different careers. This is where my strong multi-cultural background was formed.


After my son was born, it is in Geneva that I settled for 28 years and worked in private banking, multi-nationals and the UN. But it was my divorce which pushed me to travel and search for answers, for my identity and for a place I belonged. It wasn’t an easy process as I mostly felt alone since others could not relate to my feelings of "nomad". I'd ask myself, where are the people like me?


It is living through this experience combined with my strong international background that enables me to relate to others who feel the same way and which inevitably pushed me to become a Transformational Coach.


Since then, I've had the pleasure to work with amazing humans from all corners of the globe and now live in Los Angeles, CA where I help others like me who struggle with cultural differences, identity disconnection and show them how to embrace being “Citizens of the World.”

I consider myself a compassionate human being who believes in "us", our humanity. We can help each other by obtaining peace externally and within.  

My work is my passion: I love what I do!

When we transform those feelings we receive immeasurable gifts 


The moment you move from your “hometown” you will encounter a new culture. No matter how old you are, and no matter how far you go, you will need to adapt to new ways. Some adapt quickly, others have a harder time, and some never adapt at all.

Cultures are found in every company, every family, every group, in everyone. Our differences make us richer, yet growth can feel uncomfortable. Needing a helping hand through the transition is simply NORMAL.

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"I miss you already, Ximena! What great times we had during our brainstorming sessions; I coach you, you coach me and we make the world a better place! Our LM center’s not the same without you and your happy energy and I know that you continue to empower people no matter where you are in the world, keep that light shining bright!"


"Enjoy working with Ximena as I did! "


Isabel Contreras Mitchell - Founder and Director

Life Motivations Centre - Geneva, Switzerland

424 352 5782

Los Angeles, CA, USA

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