Feelings, emotions; we experience them every moment of our day, and we have even developed ways to express them in our technology.  But the bigger question is do we have control of them, do we understand the power they play in our lives?


So many people struggle with feelings and emotions and look for a hand to help them get control of them.

Ximena Veliz, is a survivor and like so many others lived through the impact on life, family, work, and friends that the roller coaster of emotions can cause.  Ximena is an Author, “My Naked Truth, Surviving Depression and Bulimia, Internationally Certified Coach, Co-Founder of Life Motivations Wellness Center in Geneva Switzerland, and has spent years and hours upon hours counseling people through the challenge of the ups and downs that emotions can cause.  


If you are looking for someone that can help you manage, understand and embrace all of your emotions, and live a life of peace, then Ximena Veliz is able to help you.  She has survived and knows what it takes to manage the range of emotions we feel day to day, and enjoy the feelings.  Sometimes it’s about our relationships, family, work, friends, but in the end, it’s about us, how we feel. 

The best thing that ever happened to me

I'm an International Transformational Coach

What is a Transformational Coach? ​

There are so many coaches and ways of coaching out there, I will simply tell you how I work.  I have a very extensive toolbox, with all kinds of trainings from Life Coaching, an amazing training in OGE Therapy, Heal Your Life Coaching and workshop facilitator, Clear Belief Certification and Reiki Master teaching energy work. Aside from those I have followed great teachers learning about quantum physics, breathing work, relaxation techniques, meditation tools and I could go on and on. So I work with the integration of whatever I intuitively feel will work for you, my client.  I work in total respect of who you are and what you believe in and all I know is that there’s always a way and together we will find it. 

As Transformational Coach, I partner with you. I commit to helping you in your journey and you commit to giving it your best shot. 

When we transform those feelings we receive immeasurable gifts 


At age 7 I left Santiago, Chile to live with my mother in Boston, Massachusetts in the US. A year later, I went back to Santiago to live with my grandparents. At age 11, I moved to Arica, Chile to live with my father, a year after that I moved to Miami, Florida to live with my mother again. At age 17 I traveled around Europe, met my husband, we retuned to Miami.  When my son was 2 years of age we settled in Geneva, Switzerland.. 


My home base was Geneva for 28 years where I worked in private banking, multi-nationals and even a bit at the UN. After my divorce I traveled in search of answers to find my identity, a place where I belonged. It wasn’t easy, I felt alone because others could not relate to my feelings of a nomad. Where are the people like me I would ask.


I became an expert at finding and relating to others who felt the same way. This is how I become a Transformational Coach. I wanted to help others like me who struggled with cultural differences and identity disconnection. 


18 years have passed and I've had the pleasure to work with amazing humans from all corners of the globe.

In Sep. 2015, I moved to Los Angeles, CA to be closer to family.

This has been my life experience and how I came to be a Multicultural – “Citizen of the World.”


I consider myself a compassionate human being who believes in "us", in our humanity. We can help each other by obtaining peace within and externally.  

I love what I do, my work is my passion! 





I miss you already, Ximena! What great times we had during our brainstorming sessions; I coach you, you coach me and we make the world a better place! Our LM center’s not the same without you and your happy energy and I know that you continue to empower people no matter where you are in the world, keep that light shining bright!


Enjoy working with Ximena as I did! 


Isabel Contreras Mitchell - Founder and Director

Life Motivations Centre - Geneva, Switzerland

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